Why Cant I remember!

I made 2 appointments for Monday after I got home from Disney: The Ear Nose and Throat to discuss finally having my tonsils out, and my GP to check up on the new anti-depressant. Well, I just got a reminder call from my MS Neurologist dead between the 2 and I cant miss her as its 6 months between appointments. So now I have to cancel both the other 2 to go to the 1. It’s probably better this way anyways as I think I am having a relapse with my MS symptoms. The pins and needles are bad in my legs which had gone away, I keep tripping over things and falling and every time I look down or crane my neck to the side I feel like I am stepping on a hot electrical wire and am being shocked all over. And the new one is the Ice water and ants. I was so sure that a cup of iced coke spilled over my feet that I looked down at my now sopping wet socks……but there was no soda. And I cant feel ants biting my calves and feet but feel ants biting my thighs that aren’t even there.

This forgetfulness keeps getting worse and its making others around me upset, which only makes me feel worse. Everything makes me cry, I don’t think this new med is working. Maybe I am just messed up from the heat and that I pushed too hard at Disney. I should not have gone. It was not the happiest place on earth for me. It was a disappointment because I felt like I shouldn’t be there the whole time and I felt like I was more burden and a killjoy to everybody else. But I couldn’t cancel on my daughter (although my roommate would have been happy with a week off sitting at home doing nothing) My car is still in the shop, I still haven’t been paid and I should have put the money to more important things. Not like they would give me my money back anyways. Selfish

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