Last Day

We started out early for once. I actually woke up and got moving. We went back to Epcot to hit all the places we missed last time and get some Worldly foods. My daughter and I decided we would hit 2 places: Mexico for a Camel Mousse, and Franch to get a Goat Cheese Custard. We got the Mousse, which was Amazing! A bit too sweet for such a hot day though. We were too tired to hit France and had 2 fast passes coming up at Living with the Land and Spaceship Earth. By the time we were done with that I was having real trouble. The pins and needles in my legs were so bad I was in tears and I was really fighting to keep walking to the buses. Once I got there and it settled a bit, it felt like I had poured Ice water over my feet, which is new. We waited 45 minutes for a bus, and there were people there before us that had waited a half hour already. Buses to Fort Wilderness have been slow all week but this was the worst. We finally got a bus and half way through the trip, the AC goes out…… We finally get back to the RV and are starving. I however am craving carrots and broccoli terribly. Hot dogs, steamed veggies and Mac and cheese. I feel better now and my legs are much better. I am seriously considering going back just to get my custard and taking it very slow and easy. But I dont want to risk getting stuck in the Fireworks return traffic. Plus I may be pushing myself just too far, but its the last day! 8 Hour Drive home tomorrow, and I have a lot of prep work to do here for the trip. Sigh, I feel like I can do more but at the same time I need to listen to my body, but I am unhappy that I still didnt get to do what I wanted at Epcot so I am disappointed. Plus I am getting anxious about returning to work.

I decided to stay at the RV and start on prep for tomorrows travel. After I got going, a wave of exhausted hit and I am now laying down glad I didnt go. It means I didnt get my food from France nor the cous cous from Morocco that I promised Mom 😦

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