Bad Day

Woke this morning feeling great, heading to the Magic Kingdom. About 15 minutes in to the park I was pouring sweat as fast as I could drink. My legs started pins and needles really bad and I had to sit down. We were not there but 3 hours and I had to leave as I was seeing spots. We are back at the RV now, I took a cold shower, ate and now have my feet up.  I have no idea if I will venture back to the park today, but all in all that this is the 1st real bad day I think its going well. We may do some stuff around the resort as they have all kinds of campfires, singalongs and a Sleepy Hollow thing. But it is also supposed to storm.

My daughter turned in to a 6 year old on me when she saw Mary Poppins at a Character Encounter. She was Big Eyed and all smiles. All the sudden she wanted to get autographs from Everyone lol. I finally got my fudge from the candy shop. They have such cute stuff there, so much sweet yummy. I would die of sugar shock if I got more than 1 piece, which I will have to cut into smaller pieces to survive. Think its nap time


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