Autism, Claustrophobia and MS at Disney

My daughter, who is on the Autism spectrum, did Irish Dance with me for 6 years. She was REALLY good and had just made Prizewinner (level 4 of 6) when I had to stop due to MS. She had no problem stopping as it required a lot of memory, coordination and getting up in front of people, which are all hard for her. Today we ate at Raglan Road Irish Pub at Disney Springs, which has an Irish dancing show that invites dancers to come up and perform. Well, I wanted to but couldnt as that is something that MS took from me. She however, Jumped up there and did Saint Patricks Day without any help and looked better than she was practicing for competition every day, which was about 2 years ago. She retained it in all ways and I am SO PROUD OF HER!!

I on the other hand, I was having vertigo issues, my legs were shaking from all the walking and I really felt what I had lost. I actually felt that loss several times today. We went to the Hollywood studios’ star wars studio today, where there is a film about the making of the epic. The crew that they interviewed kept saying how much they loved what they were doing, how meaningful and fulfilling their work is, how its going to go on and affect so many generations and continue the epic. Didnt  mention the pay, but I am sure there is a very nice paycheck involved. And I realized how unhappy I am with my job. But with a pre-existing condition and my difficulties, Nobody will ever hire me to do something I want to do. Hard not to cry today.

As for going places, today was hot but not as bad as yesterday. All of us were wiped and cranky. So when the crowds started, the claustrophobia kicked in, for all 3 of us.  So we took a lot of breaks in off the track spots to get from place to place. I kept getting winded, my legs didnt want to hold me up a few times, but I can feel my toes again.

Today was fun, but definitely a hard one. Day 3 always is.

On a side note, I have noticed I am doing laundry every day as we only have so many pairs of shorts, underclothes and socks. We tend to change at least once per day due to sweaty nasty stickiness. And also, the dishes and housework is still waiting at the RV when we get back regardless of vacation lol

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