LONG drive

rainbowToday we left for Disney: Me by Best Friend Kevin and my Daughter. (sadly her BFF could not come due to school) We left about 4 hours later than expected but it was a smooth and frustration free process. I was not stressed about the drive, I researched all the gas stations as I needed to find RV friendly ones. We got out of town and hit the 1st one, a Flying Jay in Tallahassee. It had RV gas lanes, which were not where I expected. I turned in to the Truck side because that’s where I thought they would be. Well no, they are on the car side, but separated from the regular pumps. It was a really big well planned out parking lot so no stress there (did I ever mention i have nightmares about taking out a gas pump with the RV?) The 2nd one was a Loves in Ocala, big parking lot but no RV lanes. It went well, I am proud of myself. Then on to the Florida Turnpike, had $$ set aside for the tolls, again no problems.  A VERY long journey to be sure, with a pretty Full double rainbow. Once we tried to get on to I-4, well thats when it went to hell. There was construction, and the GPS had me jumping 4 lanes…. in a 32 foot RV….. in 0.5 miles…. yeah so we ended up downtown in the RV with MORE construction………lots of cussing. FINALLY got to the campgrounds and its after 8pm. Can we say Starving?! We park, jump on a bus, hit the Depot and sit down at the buffet. The food was ok, the cheesecake was yummy. to the tune of $99.95 for 3 people. YIKES!!!! We didnt plan on that meal at all, but we also didnt plan on starting out so late. PAINFUL lesson learned.

Sage, the Cat, also took her very 1st journey in the RV. We put her in a harness so she can start knowing what is about to happen (also to paralyze her lol) and put her in the cat carrier. She likes to hide under the front seat, which would be very dangerous. Poor baby was terrified. Every stop we pulled her out but she refused both food and water. after 4 hours in the box, we decided to try her in the bedroom out of the box. She did very well, stayed back there and plotted our deaths. Once we got parked and such, she got soft food and wolfed it down. She is currently laid out in the bed exhausted. Apparently she is OK with travel in the RV, just not in the box!!

On the MS side: Tomorrow is Epcot. I hope this will help lift my depression and everyone will have a good time. While driving, my toes started going numb again on the left side. I also have that electric shock thing again when I put my head down. I hope the heat isnt too bad for me, I worry I am starting to have another relapse as some things are happening again. BUT it is very possible that it has been due to stress and heavy travel. We shall see.


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