Hurricane Nate

Although we didnt get landfall, we are getting the Eastern Wall. So I packed up the RV, boxed the cat and we are now all listening to the wind at Mom’s house watching a Hobbit Marathon. We lost power briefly but it came right back, and I realized I had not pulled out any flashlights etc. That was dumb, scared the daylights out of my daughter who was alone in her room. She just froze and started silently trembling. So I pulled out a lantern for her and got her set up with fresh batteries then raided my BOB. I got this really nifty 3 bladed lantern that is USB/solar (  which is really nice. It serves perfectly, its bright, lightweight and holds a charge for a long time. I had charged it a couple months ago and it still is nice and bright. But while I am at it, I am charging it off my laptop currently 🙂

My roommate had to go to work in this mess. He works graveyards for wally world marketplace, and nobody is happy about the store being active. I have to call BS on them cause it is dangerous for anyone to be out. It is flooding, the winds are high, the rain is going sideways. Plus he didnt get any sleep because we had to evac. He is having a very ruff night for sure.

I worry about the garden though. There are a bunch of pea plants that are delicate and not quite climbing up the trellis yet, plus a HUGE cumber I found right before I left. The tomatoes are top-heavy and 1 of the cages is not in the ground very well. Sigh.

The cat is doing well. She yowled the whole way here, but now is settled in the bedroom. Mom’s yorkies are very interested in getting inside there, which would be bad. I have a headache with the constant change in pressure. All in all, we are all fine and will assess tomorrow. If all is well, we may start our journey to Orlando tomorrow instead of monday and stay at a state park for a night to break up the trek.

Night all

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