Garden Yay!

So here are some updates for the Garden at The Park. Everything is producing except the Carrots and Beets. Lost all the corn to bugs, but planted Bush Beans to fix the Nitrogen drain in its place. Gained a new gardener. One of the other Full-timers caught me last eve and said she was dying to plant some collards, so since the beets and carrots are toast, she happily has taken on that section. Yay!

The butternut squash and watermelons are taking over, some of which are spilling out of the garden lol. I was so excited to see the watermelons, and apparently the resident kids come to visit them every day to see their progress. I think I may have to start putting names on them so they don’t star fighting over them. The park Hosts wife comes and gets lettuce every day now for salads and the short-timers come take pics with the “pensacola Rock” that somebody left for us. I am humbled that my work is so appreciated. I am also worried as I will be out of town for a week and leaving it’s care to the grounds-keepers til I get back. So I finished installing the soaker hose water system to make it easier for them. Now all they have to do is hook up the hose and let it run for 30 minutes. Only problem is, the new section is a Low Pressure system and the old section is a high pressure system so only the new parts are getting enough water. So I may be replacing the old system today too. sigh

The composter is ready to be dumped in the empty section of the Garden. I’ll till in the compost, add some manure and re-cover the section to cook until spring. The Tomatoes are strangely still doing well, but their season is already over. They will probably get pulled next month.

On the MS side, I got blind-sided by some SERIOUS depression. I had no idea the docs were watching for this insane change, wish they had something so I could have been better prepared. We changed my anti-depressant, which the new one makes me sleep all the time. Or it’s the depression keeping me in bed. I am currently out of Temp Disability while I try and get myself functional again. My give-a-crap just broke clean off and I have to get back in the movement of life.

On the RV side: My awning arms are warped from the wind and it won’t close completely. I get to work on that this eve. My electrical plug, the Main Power, melted again. So I chopped it off and re-wired it. It was surprisingly an easy fix! The washer is leaking at the outlet hose so I will be yanking that out tonight too. I have a couple days left before we go out of town. Heading to Orlando for 1 week and we have settled quit a bit here and have to get it all cleaned up before we drive 8 hours. This will be the longest drive I have taken the RV on so far. Also we will be running from a tropical storm/hurricane. It’s really odd the timing. We will prep the RV for travel, evac to Mom’s house for the night during the storm, then come back and drive out after the storm. Weird. My poor cat is going to be traumatized. She is afraid of the cat Carrier already, and I’ll be taking her to Mom’s, then coming back and she will be in it for the trip south so she doesnt get under my feet while driving. This will be her 1st real trip in the RV too. I am tempted to put her in the back bedroom for the 2nd half of the trip as I hope she will be used to the RV moving by then. That was she can have access to the litter box, food and water. Only problem is, the bedroom tends to be the landing pad for all the large things that may fall.  I just don’t want her to get hurt or try to hide and cause an accident. Suggestions anyone?

Here are some pics 🙂

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