Ruff times

So before I knew it, Depression had taken over. Way more then I wanted to admit, which is why I havnt posted in so long. Changing anti-depressants now and officially have an Anxiety disorder. Sigh. Several weeks off of work to get the switch over and me back on track, and a Disney Trip to Boot!!

So in an effort to pick myself back up, I have been cleaning and prepping for the the move (moving the RV) to Orlando for a week and cooking. I discovered a show called the Great British Baking Show! OH so bad for my taste testers. So far I have made a Raspberry Mousse Tart, A raised Pork Pie and tonight I am working on a Charlotte Russe!! I must be nuts. The Tart had too much gelatin but the crust came out great. The Pork pie was too dry and the flavors not right, but again, great crust.

The Charlotte Russe, well I really bit off too much there lol. I made the Lady Fingers, which were too short but tasted great. The base is also made with the lady finger mix, again great. The center sponge is good too, but I think I will use the sponge for the base next time so I can get get longer lady fingers. The next layer is a Vanilla Cardamom Bavious, which set well but it leaked out and needs way more flavor. The next layer is a Lemon Bavoius, which also set great, leaking. It tastes good, just needs more lemon. The top layer is supposed to be a champagne jelly with gold leaf flecks. Got the flecks, the jelly tastes bad and didnt set at all. Thankfully I didnt pour that one one. Here are some pics. The base, 1st Lady Fingers (they got better after these) and the filled case in the fridge setting.


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