4 of 6

Well the tomatoes are not doing so well. They are getting the same disease that all the tomatoes in town are getting this season. Man, tomatoes and bell peppers are just not happening this year. The other sections are doing well. The Corn is great, its already knee high. Yeah I know, not in July, But the season here is very long so planting 2 summer crops is normal.

I uncovered the 4th section today, having covered it for a month in black plastic to kill off the weeds. Very few weeds survived, but the ground was compacted. I enrolled my daughter to come help till. She actually enjoyed playing with the twist tiller very much. I wonder how she would like a Post Hole Digger?? hehehe

So the garden, which is divided in to 6 sections, now has;3 composted, planted and mulched. 1 section with pumpkins that still needs to be composted, 1 section about to be composted and 1 section covered to cook for next summer. By winter I plan to have only 2 sections planted, and all the others cooking for summer. Yay Garden!

On the food side, my cookbook is almost done. I have almost 50 recipes!! Today I played with pork chops. Although I cheated and used crushed saltine crackers, it was crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. Sadly, the breading was a bit bland and I have no idea how to help that. Back to scouring the internet for recipes.

2 thoughts on “4 of 6

  1. What is it with your tomatoes?

    During my (short-lived) gardening years the tomatoes seldom escaped having at least one malady.

    Despite my amateur gardener status, they almost always bounced back after I tried whatever fix I picked up from more experienced gardeners (thank you, internet ☺️).


    • I have no idea. Last year all my tomatoes grew like crazy and produced until November. This year, I get a a couple cherry tomatoes per plant and none of the big ones have had fruit ripen. I have continued to do random fixes as well. They park up, then just wither away. Maybe next year will be better


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