Just Yuck

On the MS side:

The past week has been ruff. My stomach has decided it will do back-flips without notice and for several hours at a time. The Meclizine is only taking the edge off of the nausea, and I have no idea what will make it stop. I have been eating mostly toast and yogurt, hoping to slow it down. My Knee and Shoulder both hurt. Every time I straiten my knee, its like I have sprained something. The shoulder hurts to lift my arm. I havn’t fallen, I havn’t done anything out of the ordinary and I cant think of anything different I am doing. But I did notice right about the time I switched Migraine meds, my knee started. I do a lot of stretches trying to make it better, which helps for a short time. I’m worried that its the Doxepin is causing the joint pain and that I will have to switch yet again, which is always traumatic. I am also worried about a couple other new symptoms which could be the gilenya or a complication due to the lowering of white count. Calling my Doctor can be traumatic too. Most of the time I won’t hear back for a week. When I started to go blind in one eye, I had to pitch a fit and act absolutely unbecoming. I called ALL my doctors and talked with them, but not my MS specialist who is supposed to handle this stuff. I DID hear from her associate, who recommended I get to my Eye doc ASAP. Turned out I had Optic Neuritis and needed 3 days of IV Steroids….. But yes, I did call her and leave a message and her nurse called me back to get more information.

On the plus side, I got a call FINALLY from the Neuro-psychologist (new doc) so we can do some testing and such.

On the Garden side:

I did have some good news on the Garden. While I was working on a 3rd section this past weekend, the grounds keeper came by and was asking what I had planned. I told him that I was going to heavily compost the 2 covered sections and plant some winter veg in Sept. He said that there had been many compliments on how it is coming along, and park visitors and residents are really watching the progress. He asked where I was getting the mulch and such, well I have been buying it on sale here and there as well as the organic care products. So he brought me 3 big bags of red mulch, 2 small bags of composted soil and 1 big bag of potting soil. He said he has some more soaker hoses for me and that he would come and till the 3rd section in for me this weekend as he has a tiller. He also asked how I felt about lighting the garden up at night so people can enjoy it after hours…. funny thing is, I had been pricing solar fixtures already. Woot! He also mentioned that he has a couple of benches that he will bring out of storage and a couple signs for me so people can know the garden rules (If it’s Ripe, Eat it! Just give me 10 minutes of weeding or watering) So its nice that we are on the same page. Double WOOT! He is also going to tell the park owner that I have been paying for supplies, apparently its a thing. I didn’t know there was another option.

The tomatoes, corn, and eggplant all look great! The yard-long beans are doing OK. They are producing but they turn dry within 1 day, so if I don’t get them right away, they cant be eaten. And I should have planted way more. The peas have come up and are growing well, but are not producing at all. I planted Easy Peasy by Burpee. I am thinking I will try a different type next time. Originally I wanted to plant the 3 sisters: Corn, beans/peas, and melon/pumpkin. The corn acts as a trellis for the beans and/or peas while the melons and/or pumpkins cover the ground to keep weeds out and are shaded by the corn and beans. But my 1st batch of corn suddenly died along with all the tomatoes, which left the beans all alone. I am pretty sure it was the SUPER wet weather. Every grower I know said it was a bad season all around and have had similar issues, which ended in replanting. I don’t feel so bad knowing it’s not just me, and with us having such a long warm season, I have plenty of time to toss in 1 more crop of corn. Come On New Mama!!


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