Battling section 2

Yesterday I decided I wanted to get the next section in the garden finished this weekend. So I sat in the dirt weeding until it was too dark to see. This eve after it cooled off (yeah right) I got my daughter to help me finish weeding and get moving with re-nourishing the dirt. She really enjoyed helping mix the cow manure…….. true quality time! There is Corn and Beans in there already so we had to work around that. But it gave me a great opportunity to move some that were too close together and fill in all the bare spots in the rows.

I decided to take the advice of a lady I met on Facebook on a homesteading and survival group. I told her what I was battling and the complications involved. She told me to dig trenches between the rows, add all the good stuff, then cover everything as before. When the season turns I can till everything in to finish the job. We got all but the final mulching done tonight. I ran out of mulch, so tomorrow I have to finish or the weeds will take over yet again. So, we shall see how it turns out! As long as its better then my last batch of corn, I will be happy.

But there was some excitement. I grabbed the last bag of mulch and tossed it over my shoulder to take it over to where we were working. By the time I walked 20 yards, I realized the bag of mulch was full of ants. Now I am covered in ants, which I am as calmly as possible brushing off. Then I realize they are down my shirt. Yup, Right there in front of anyone who happened to be looking that way (72 year old man with his wife) I yanked my shirt off and started franticly getting them out of my bra…… They got an eyeful, but that’s fine because I only got a few bites. We made friends when I went over to apologize and explain what happened. They want to take a section of the garden and do some planting too! Yay!

I still have 1 un-mulched section and 1 uncovered section. Once I get the mulched sections done, I want to really work on the soil in the covered areas, then cover them again to cook for the rest of the season. I plan to dig them out 1 by 1 so I can put in a kill mulch and sift the dirt to get out as much crap as possible. Today I found what I think used to be a Ham bone in there as well as several large pieces of glass.

Pictures tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “Battling section 2

  1. I would be absolutely the same if I had ants down my bra!!! A couple weeks ago I got stung under the eye when a honeybee bee got caught between my glasses and my eye and I was screaming like a mad woman (I’m never afraid of honey bees but this was a little different…).

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