The Community Garden

Well it’s not so much run by the Community, more so there for them to come and point at the few things growing amongst the weeds. Sad. But it’s getting better. I have sectioned it into 6 partitions about 6 feet wide by 10 feet long. I am taking control of it section by section,which is the best I can do with this heat slamming me so hard. Plus I get tired after about 30 minutes of work.

Hopefully soon I’ll be able to afford some top soil and some mulch to make it that much better. The soil is poor and sandy, and filled with rocks, glass and brick pieces, no idea where it came from. But there is a community Composter too, which is really doing well. So when I get better soil in there with some nutrients I will put down this soaker hose i found at Ollies and then mulch the top. I have high, but slow, hopes.

I have decided Crabgrass is evil. It seems like every persistent weed I have ever read about is in there. And now I have snails. So poor soil, weeds and pests. It’s like I am fighting 15 battles all the time. I imagine it would be different if I had been a part of the planning of this garden instead of inheriting it. 1st thing I would have dug up everything and put down a kill mulch of newspapers before putting dirt in there. Ah well, there is a garden and I can take control of it bit by bit. The goal is to make each section manageable. THEN start rehabbing each partition. Before winter comes (all 3 days of it) I hope to have 3 sections empty and cooking for the next season with manure, peat moss and compost. For now, I do a lot of organic compost tea every other day to get the tomatoes, melons, pumpkins, onions, beans, peas and herbs through.

I do have several of the 6 tomatoes bearing fruit. They are still small but they look good and I am hoping they keep getting bigger. Thats the great thing about having a very long growing season. The tiny house on the corner has HUGE tomato plants. I am jealous lol.

I have 3 tomato cages, the round kind, but the ground 1 foot down is so hard that I cant stick them down far enough to help the plants. I am hoping I can catch the grounds keeper and get him to cut them a little shorter so they will work better. I also have 3 of the folding cages, but I haven’t put them out yet. I put out a few bamboo stakes but am hoping to build a trellis soon for the beans and peas. They really need the support asap. But it’s hard to have the extra stuff to get a big garden moving when you live in an RV and don’t have a shed. Thankfully I have made friends with the grounds keeper. He was so excited to see me working out there that he brought me a bunch of garden tools. The best one is this claw thing with a twisting handle. The bottom had 4 prongs that are curved inwards and the doubled handle makes twisting it in the ground much easier. It has been my best weeding tool because it pulls the ENTIRE blob of crabgrass out in 2 twists.  Oh and the owner here put in a composter that the whole park is putting stuff in and it should be ready by fall!!


On the MS side, I went to my Neurologist today. We changed my migraine medicine because the other one is causing really bad restless leg and it is not working very well. The old one was Amiltriptaline and the new one is Dopexin. Fingers crossed! I havn’t slept well in months, so I tried Melatonin.  It made my restless leg SO MUCH WORSE!!

Scheduling an MRI, Endoscopy, Kidney Pressure Test and now going to a Neuropsycologist. Its gonna be a busy month.

Here are some pics. Bell Pepper, the composter, eggplant, the whole garden, Herb Stacker, Teeny Tiny Lemons, Tiger Melons, Passion Flower, Peas, and my 1 big tomato 🙂


Two updates. The Passion Flower, turns out it is a Passion FRUIT Flower, which means I might get some fruit from it. And I planted some more corn. Its an Heirloom sweet variety called New Mama from

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