MS and Dignity

MS has so many symptoms that every article I read includes some sort of quote like “symptoms may vary.” But If you have MS, you know that sometimes certain systems just don’t want to cooperate, and there is no warning. My bane is my Bowels. Seriously, how in the world can things in my brain affect something that happens on it own?? Well it doesn’t now!

Today is day 6…… Eight doses of Miralax, 2 glycerin thingies that I cant even type the name without cringing, four 32 oz bottles of gatorade, a full bag of prunes, LOTS of salads, daily doses of fiber (x3) and even the special “Positions” to promote movement! Last week I was a size 10, now I am a 14!! I am truly suffering. I have never prayed to the porcelain gods like this before, but I am not shy anymore. It’s like MS has decided it’s time to start taking my dignity too, because CLEARLY it hasn’t taken enough yet……

They ask every time I go to a Doc if I am depressed because MS causes depression. According to articles, the change in brain chemistry in reaction to the lesions is what actually causes it. So, we get a pre-dispostion for Depression, then take away the mobility and functions….. None of the articles mention that part or how to deal with it. Day by Day we shall go.



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