Restless Leg is EVIL! This is the 4th night with no sleep in a row.  I am taking amatripaline and it’s a side effect. Funny how my MS doc says “There are no documented cases of it causing RLS.” Hmm

Either way, this isn’t gonna work much longer. Although it helps with my migraines, it by no means stops them all, not even half. So I am thinking it may not be worth it. Anybody else have pains with Meds that your Doc insists you keep taking? Its like trying on clothes but you have to walk out of the store in something new, even if it’s the wrong size.

I feel like I am steadily working towards a “nasty divorce” with my MS doc. Sometimes I feel like she doesn’t listen to me nor does she respond to my concerns. The worst part is that If I need to reach her, I have to have an appointment. So when I tried to go blind in 1 eye, I had to call ALL my other doctors to get help. It took me going through 2 other Neurologists just to get a phone call back. BUT she really knows her stuff, and it seems that its her staff/facility that makes her Impossible to reach. Plus she is an hour away. I have put in to transfer to a new and closer MS specialist, but since I am in a medical study that pays A LOT of my bills, I cant transfer without getting dropped.

It is 430 am and I am just belly aching now. I am tired but cant sit still enough to fall asleep. It has to get better.


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