Well then,….

The other day I posted about tropical disturbances showing up in the general area and it seems that I came off as “Panicing over nothing” to a few friends. Well then, I have to put this right as there was no panic involved nor urgency. I always watch the weather, always have and am also a Girl Scout AND a Boy Scout so  you could say BE PREPARED is in my DNA lol. Really I am only taking this as an omen that it’s time to get prepped and just in case so I am not part of the Mob suddenly springing into action because the storm came out of nowhere. It’s what we do when we are more at the mercy of the weather then “Stick Houses.” Yes I am currently re-watching The Walking Dead, but I promise that has nothing to do with it. I’m in Florida, we get storms.

When you see this, it’s time!


And as always, to those of us who could be in a path of anything, Prep and Stay Safe!

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