Weather-bug Update

We got alert today that Hurricane season has officially begun. There are1.1.jpg 2 systems that are of concern in the gulf. We are not far from the water here so It’s definitely something to keep in mind as Full Time RVer’s. My job considers me essential personnel so I cant go too far. Its funny there because we have all the emergency things you could think of like a power station, showers bunks etc. for the workers so they expect us there. And what about our families? Nope they cant be there still, which to me is ridiculous.

Updated this years Prep plan for the Rig. If its a cat 2 or below, we will button up the RV and drop it off with a very good friend further inland. If its looking like a Cat 3 or above, we head to Mississippi and take over my Aunts Driveway. She doesn’t know that part yet, But ill see her at lunch today lol. But I have a feeling that she wont mind especially if I grab my Mom and her 2 dogs on the way out.

The outside stuff presents a problem. I have a LOT of plants. They all do regular plant things when moved like drip dirt water everywhere, introduce the hidden ant colonies they have been sheltering as well as any other insects that have claimed them as home. So I may take them to moms garage to wait it out.

But it’s also time to start up the RV, run the generator for a bit, flush and sanitize the fresh water tank and flush the “other” tanks to prevent problems if we have to jet. Also lube all the slides and clear out some clutter. For RVer’s, spring cleaning really is so very important and the urge can strike at any time. I think I’ll clean the fridge and go fill the 2nd propane tank today just because.

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