Tomato Blight

I am a bit heart broken. My tomatoes are dying.I had some very healthy tomato plants, then I brought some more home from a friends house. They were growing wild and the whole yard was being mowed down, so I brought home 3 plants. Little did I know, they needed to have been isolated and treated. There was some sort of sickness in them and it affected ALL of my other tomato plants. I didn’t find this out until I had received the next batch for the Community Garden. The newest batch I set down on the picnic table right next to them overnight. So when I planted them, they were fine until yesterday. Now All my tomatoes have it. The leaves are turning brown and falling apart, then off. The fruits have pock marks, and the plant stalks are speckled. Gonna try some copper based organic spray that is supposed to help but if It doesn’t I will turn to non organic. It may be too late. The thought of making home grown and home made spaghetti sauce for canning is looking very distant now.  Sigh

2 thoughts on “Tomato Blight

  1. I read that we have to pick off all the affected leaves, cover the dirt with a barrier like weed shield or plastic and treat with a copper fungicide. I got some yesterday and am in the process of cover the dirt. The leaves fell off on their own, so….. The ones in the community garden I plucked the leaves that were starting to turn yellow and treated. They seem to be doing better already. I guess because they are not as sick. Fingers crossed!!


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