Compromised Immune System

You don’t really and truly understand what it means when they say Compromised Immune System. Its a concept that just doesn’t sink in. When a Doctor tells you to wash your hands at least every hour, to wear a mask when around sick people, avoid children and babies, and to make a quick exit from anyone with the Flu, you kind of look at her funny like its a joke. Surely its not that serious, its not like I’m having Chemo. Then she tells you to only eat WELL cooked meat, no more sushi and to avoid oysters and other filter feeders, you think “wow I need a bubble to jump in to and start eating cardboard.”

I, at age 37, have an ear infection. And its actually a bad one. Saturday I ran a low grade fever and noticed several swollen lymph nodes on my neck and head. I left ear hurt and my left tonsil is swollen with white spots. To the Urgent care we go where everyone is hacking and there because they are sick.

My imagination got away with me and I thought about the “glowing paint test” we did in Girl scouts decades ago. 1 person puts a little bit of clear glow in the dark paint on thier hands. We check and make sure that it is on her hands with a black light. We are told to make sure to wash our hands after the bathroom and we continue on with an activity. At the end of the meeting, our Leader has us line up and show our hands. She shines the black light on them, and every single one of us had glowing paint on our hands. Some had it on their noses, lips and other places. Then she walked around the room showing us where all the “germs” had gone. It was everywhere!!

Something to think about

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