I was not expecting that

getPartThis morning I was supposed to take my canoe out and go fishing. Since I spent the night running back and forth to the bathroom, I slept through cooler prime fishing time 😦

But I did head out to the Property to help a little. It consisted of me not being able to use either chainsaw (electric pole say and gas chain saw) As I needed to chop up Cedar, the electric pole saw was no match. It overheated and refused to work again for an hour. The Chain saw, well the chain came off, and it was just burning the wood with an un-sharp blade. I was tired by then. So I sat and talked a bit in the shade. My buddy came and changed the chain on the saw and chopped everything up. I dragged limbs to the pile. Feeling like a pansy a bit lol, but I wasn’t in any shape to do more. It was nice to be outside though.

My buddy was working with the bush hog and I heard it stop, I thought he got stuck again as there is a bunch of trash and such hidden as well as mushy spots. He walks back and hands his wife a baby box turtle. My Daughter squealed with excitement!!! And suddenly it had a name, yup you guessed it, “Mom can I keep it?”

We cant keep it at the RV, the tank wont fit. I’m pretty sure grandma will not let you keep it there either because they carry disease and they stink. Turtles are a LOT of work. Everything I described she agreed she would do, as I’m sure you all remember doing when you brought home___ (enter animal) So I took a chance. I took her to Petco. I like the people there, its where we adopted our cat from and they are honest, not just sales people.

So in we go with this turtle in a cat little bucket and and they send us a lady to help with our needs. She shows us some tanks and advises he will need a 44 gal, plus the other things will be very pricey. She also got the ques that I was trying to educate her. The lady was very patient and explained the differences between raised and wild turtles. My daughter didn’t understand at 1st how her love would not be better for him then letting him go. So I had to give an example of what it was like for her to start public high school and how hard it was, how she never acclimated and was always scared. How the food was weird, she didn’t know where to go etc.

with tears in her eyes she said, “I want whats best for him but I want to keep him. I dont want to do anything bad for him, we need to take him back.” I was not expecting that. She handed me the bucket, wiped her tears and picked her head up. The lady and I both were impressed with her decision, we both had expected hysterics. This was a MAJOR maturity thing and I am so proud.

Now think back to your childhood about when you made that type of decision and how much it hurt. She is Aspergers autistic, developmentally between 10-13. She was quiet, she had a few tears, but this is a MAJOR milestone for her. I hate to see her so sad and not be able to let her have what she wants, but I cant say how proud I am of her.

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