Some of my Sprouts survived!! I took a chance and planted a 3rd tray of seeds, just tomatoes this time. They all started to go limp again with damping off so I took them outside hoping to dry them out or get sunlight or whatever I though I could do as a last ditch effort. I was pretty sure they were lost but, what the heck, Ill plant the last 6 in a big pot with regular dirt. They were just single stems with only the 1st leaves. Well, today I took a look and 5 of the 6 have 2nd and 3rd leaves already!!!! They are doing soooo much better now! Apparently I have to put them outside in the dirt as soon as the 1st leaves come out. Everything I have read, blogs, books, articles etc, all say wait for 2nd leaves. Guess I found the recipe that works best here. I’m excited lol. Small victories are still just as sweet.

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