TMI…New Specialist

Today I went to Urology and Oncology. Was kind of freaky to get my appointment letter and see that 2nd word in the title. But that portion is not for me thankfully. This place was very efficient and the building is nifty. The waiting room, standard. Lots of hallways but they are clearly marked with Ext, Checkout and Bathroom lol. The rooms are small but you come in from the hallways and close the door. There is another door on the other side where the docs come in and out to and from the lab etc. So if somebody walks in, or a test is being done (you all know what I mean) you are Not Flashing anybody but the nurses and the Doctors that are working with you anyways. Very comfortable with that. I actually asked about it. The Head Doctor personally designed it that way to make it more efficient and to help the patients. Thumbs up!

BUT, then there was the testing. Sigh. Q-tips should never go there is all I’m saying. But the Lady Doc was great, quick and told me everything she was doing and why. My bladder has not fallen and all the the “workings” are just fine. Unfortunately that means that it’s the MS and I may be causing Kidney damage with how difficult things have become. Then she said the word………..Catheter…. ssssshhhhhhh we don’t say that out loud. It is the name that must not be spoken!! So I will have a Pressure Test soon so see if that is in my future. I’ll add that to the Endoscopy and the sleep study redo. Ah its pin cushion time again. It will all have to wait til after ballet recital next week though

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