Store Closing

I found out today that Gander Mountain, a camping and outdoors place that hasn’t been open very long at all, is closing. Apparently the entire chain is going out of business. I’ve never actually been there as we have so many other places here. So we packed up and headed there to see whats up. I was looking for a kayak as I have always wanted one and its so much easier to travel with then the canoe. Well you can imagine it was a lot like every other outdoors place I have been already. The sale prices where not so good on the stuff I wanted and the other stuff, meaning almost all the camping stuff, I already have lol. They had some nice grill stuff, an open face camp pizza oven, some nifty thermos and cups kits. But nothing I really wanted until I got to the gun section. Of all things!!! My roommate went to look at handguns and I went to look at rifles and shotguns. He found a couple pistols he liked and I decided I am too much a weakling to handle any of the rifles they had. But then I went to the shotgun section and the second I laid eyes on it, I knew it was perfect. Its a Mossberg pump action single barrel that is the perfect weight and size for me. Cause I really need a shotgun!! where on earth would I put the thing? I’d have to sleep with it!! But it was nice and would be very useful in pace for critters, if not a bit of overkill. This what I get for watching the walking dead. Ah well, sweet dreams

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