High UV and pain all around

The forecast shows high UV for yesterday and my daughter & I were outside a lot. We went to a friends house and helped with prepping the converted bus/rv to move later this week. Its pretty nifty actually. Its the 1st RV I ever had experience with. When it arrived over a decade ago it was just a normal yellow school bus. We painted it, ripped out seats, added a full kitchen, like the buffet service kind, and several multi use storage areas. We painted it like a Pirate Ship because we belong to e medieval society where we are a Pirate crew. I have personally taken several voyages in it, slept in it and loaded and unloaded it more times then I can count. We have broken down, dropped stuff off the bottom, dumped cargo all over the inside, made modifications and had a blast learning from our mistakes. Well the ship has sat dormant for over a year due to everyone getting older and some of us discovering things like Fibromyalgia, Crohns and MS. The battery didn’t want to start so I maneuvered my car in to try and jump it. My daughter, who is terrified of heights, got on the hood, cleared off all the leaves and such and scrubbed the windows. If you have ever have worked with an Autistic Spectrum Kid, you know how hard it is to face fears. But she did it and I am very proud of her.

We didn’t really do a lot of heavy work, it was mostly just minor cleaning and playing with wires. I have not been well the past couple days, but I sure did bring home a 6 pack of Migraines! Everybody was down. I still have the headache, the “good” meds didn’t do much but put me to sleep. But its better. Note to self: DON’T WATCH THE LIVING DEAD WHEN HEAVY MEDS ARE INVOLVED!!! Talk about Nightmares!!!

But today is better. I am repeating the sleep study, the one that I ran out of because I had a Major Panic Attack. I just scheduled an upper endoscopy for my trouble swallowing, and I now have a dermatologist for my psoriasis. And tonight is the last class before rehearsal week for the Recital!!! Busy week

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