sick again

terrible night and day. Woke up several times last night freezing half to death and hurting everywhere anything touched. Yup its a fever. 99.8. I got some water, took some Tylenol and fell back into bed. A couple hours later I was awake again. 99.2. More water, fall back into bed. about an hour before my alarm went off, 100.0 even. I have no idea what it is, but clearly and infection and not a virus. More Tylenol and off to work. On and off all day at work, very nice headache, not a migraine, but still hurts a lot. Maybe its a sinus infection or an ear infection, but it doesn’t hurt or have any of the other things. That or its the Gilenya. I read several reports saying that it can cause fever and flu like symptoms. They say that between 2-6 months of use of this med is when its most common. Great. And its not like I can just call my doctor. She takes weeks to return a phone call. It took months for me to get in to see her when I started having major health issues and I didn’t get though until I called several other Doctors to contact her because I was going Blind in 1 eye!! I also feel like she doesn’t listen. She seems angry when I ask questions. I see her in just a couple weeks and Ill be advising her I will be transferring to a new Local MS Specialist. The bonus about the new guy is my favorite neurologist at the same hospital has worked with him and likes him. He even recommends him too. I really like my favorite. He is the 1st to say “I am not sure but I know who is.” He also says for paperwork, particularly FMLA, to fill it out the way I need it, he will look it over and then sign it, which saves my job.

I ate a little (not much), took the 1st dose of a Zpack and am going to fall down now. My fever is 101.2. Time to alternate Tylenol and Motrin like I did for my daughter and her stubborn fevers. Good nite

One thought on “sick again

  1. This morning at 5am I woke with a fever of 102. OK maybe its a virus. Got some time off at work by shear fluke, and went to doc. Its NOT the flu but definitely a virus. He says it will take a month to know exactly which, but with everything that has been going on with my immune system being so low, it could have been a 2 hour feeling bad virus for normal people, but for me it is a real issue. Bed rest, lots of liquids, LOTS of Tylenol and Motrin and make sure to eat at least once per day, even if just a little. I can really tell when the fever reducer starts wearing off. I hurt everywhere, am freezing to death and so very very tired.


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