RVs in Storms

RVs in storms can be very relaxing or very scary. I have enjoyed many storms where the power went off for the whole park, and then you hear all the generators pop on and power is back. Not tonight. The wind is staying about 35 mph with gusts at 50 or so. My daughter was about shaken out of her bunk and cant go back to sleep because the ride is too rough. When the 50 mph stuff started, and when the RV pitched violently to the side, there was cussing. OK everybody up, going to grandma’s house down the road. Funny thing is, she was awake and not surprised when we arrived. I’m sitting herein bed in the guest room reading other people near by are having trees come though the room, vinyl siding ripped off etc. This is NUTS!!Hope the cat isn’t too freaked out when we get back…..

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