Of storms, tomatoes and dinner

Today was….frustrating. A very nasty storm was on its way and my cell has been beeping all morning with warnings and watches saying noon!! So we didn’t go out to the property to work. This would have been the 1st time in weeks I could go out and make progress on getting closer to the big move.  So we cleared up around the RV, pulled all the plants in, put everything away, secured all the hatches etc. The wind was insane and the sky was cloudy. Judging from the radar watching this storm move, noon looked about right. Lots of news about how bad this storm has been in areas it has already hit.  So we decided to make a quick run to the store to get last minute things, and we should be home with a little time before it hits. 30 minutes and we are back. No storm. BUT the headache was here!! And not just for me, but just about everyone I know that suffers from migraines. So its naps all around. I wake up around 5 and realize that the storm still hasn’t come…..HOLY COW!!! How much work I didn’t get to do!!! definitely fit pitching worthy.

So, my roommate suggested we go somewhere out of the RV. I suggested Target and then eat somewhere we had not been before. Head out the door and I notice that on my largest tomato plant (Purple Cherokee) I have 2 tomatoes starting!! YAY!! However, the largest 1 is a little funny looking. It has 3 Chins!! HAhahaha!

Found some really great T-shirts at Target and we decided to go to O’Charleys for dinner. With it being new to us, I knew it would be complicated to get my daughter to pick food she would eat. I didn’t have high hope because I wasn’t familiar with the food either. I decided on a chicken salad sandwich and then turned to helping her pick her food. She was stuck between old reliable (bacon cheeseburger) and a creole shrimp Pilaf meal, of which she was undecided. I was concerned about the creole sauce being spicy as she thinks pepper is too spicy already. But she really wanted shrimp. With an autistic child, every decision is a major crisis. So I told her to ask the waitress if she can have it without the sauce. It took about 5 minutes to work up the courage to talk to the waitress directly. She was patient but didn’t know if it could be served that way. So the Manager came over to talk to her. My daughter was terrified. He was tall and dark complected and had a strong voice. But he recognized she was scared. I grabbed her hand and looked only at her, she stayed looking at me and couldn’t seem to say anything. Poor baby, she was overwhelmed. But he was great. He asked her what she was looking for, what parts she wanted. She finally looked up and said she wanted it but not spicy. He suggested a garlic butter instead, scampi style over the Pilaf. Well she had already pushed her limit of brave. She didn’t even look at me, so I squeezed her hand and told her she loves garlic butter and that would be tasty. I got a nod. The manager smiled and I thanked him, and off he went to make it happen. The food came and she inhaled it so fast I didn’t get a picture of the custom creation he made just for her. We will definitely be going back.

Now at 930pm the storm is here. We are all watching Sherlock season 4. That will do 🙂

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