Social Security

Now that my daughter has turned 18, I have to get 3 Power of Attorney (Financial, Medical and general) which is a tall order because I have to draft them and then get them notarized. On top of that, I need to apply for SSI and SSDI for her she is not a Viable adult, and wont be for at least a decade. I had tried previously to get her Child SSI but because she was within 3 years of turning 18, all sources said to wait as the proccess is so long that she would turn 18 and we would have to start over again. So she is 18 and I am trying again. The thing that bugs me is now their terms for SSI are different then when I last researched it. Now they are focusing on time served at work and the worst, whether she was collecting it prior to 18……………so now its all backwards. I should have applied before 18. Very frustrated and everything runs in circles. I may have to hire a lawyer to get this done. But I started at the beginning and submitted an app. we shall see

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