Hurry up and Wait!

I am so ready to go back to work. The hives are healing nicely and my blood levels have corrected themselves. I got a letter yesterday from the temp disability people that I had been expecting. Unfortunately, the letter stated I had to have an exam by my GP and have him sign off that I am healthy enough to return to work. Couldn’t call to make appointment until this morning, I’ve never done this before so how would I know to have set up an appointment? .It actually states “You must have verification from your doctor before returning to work. You may not return to work without this”

How frustrating!! I had to call in again and am awaiting a phone call to see if I can be seen today or if it will be tomorrow, or even the next day!! And all this because they cant email the docs for temp Disability. Grrrrrr. Just got the worst paycheck I have ever had. I had to cancel every payment I had set up for bills. Thankfully I am paranoid and am at least 1 month ahead on everything.



My GP managed to squeeze me in and signed my paperwork. But he wants me to wait until tomorrow. One because the hives are not completely gone, and two because Temp Disability doesn’t do half day. So Its Official and in Writing! I can Go Back to Work TOMORROW!!!

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