I hurt today. The hives are a little less red, but spread farther. The tops of my fingers and feet now had raised red bumps that look just like measles. Doc assures me that it is not because I don’t have a high fever and a bad cough. But I do have a low fever, heavy drainage and a headache that hurts all the way down my back. I cant help but wonder what this really is. Have a feeling I have a sinus infection. I felt so bad earlier that I took a 5 hour nap and am still exhausted.

I wanted to make apple sauce today, as suggested lol. Ive never had fresh apple sauce before and I hear it is wonderful and different than store bought like fresh yogurt is. I’m trying to find small things to do to enjoy my time off. But I have been so tired the past few days. I had 2 bushels of strawberries that are now over ripe. Sigh. I hear that the local blueberry self pick is open too. My blueberry bushes (all 2 of them) have berries but they are not ripe yet. I am looking forward to making blueberry Jam. I finally got some of that Pamono’s Pectin, the stuff that uses far less sugar. I have to admit, the normal recipes are extremely sweet and I look forward to trying this stuff too. It uses Calcium water to gel so I can sweeten it to taste instead of relying on the sugar for the reaction. I will update as I get to work with it.  Cheers!!

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