Weight with MS

Before I started this journey I was a size 8 and weighted 135lbs. I was a dancer, an athlete. Now I still dance but nothing compared to what I used to do. Irish Dance is a major cardio and endurance workout. 15 minute practice at home would get my heart rate up and keep me a good weight and body mass. Now, after the steroids (and no I don’t blame just the steroids) I am 169lbs and a size 14. I want you to realize that 3 weeks ago I had to go shopping for new clothes in size 10 as I couldn’t fit in anything. 2 days ago I had to go shopping again. I have to say I feel very defeated and fat. I look pregnant, like 8 months pregnant. My PJ’s don’t fit, I had to buy 4 new pairs of shorts in size 14 and 3 shirts. Mom found me some pants for that  fluctuate with me, but everything else is too small. I have a Ballet recital in May and I already had to get a bigger costume. Thankfully another student had a Large and needed a Medium as she had lost so much weight………………………

I think its time to do eggs and oats in the morning, Salad for lunch, and one of those portion plates for dinner. Everybody keeps telling me its just the steroids and it will fall off in a couple weeks. I don’t believe that. Hopefully I can start walking every day too. I have been gardening, but I can only do it after the sun goes down, as heat really is ruff.

Wonder is my insurance will cover Lipo?


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