My Little Storm Cloud

I may have mentioned before that my Daughter is Asperger’s Autistic Spectrum. She just turn 18 a couple weeks ago, but mentally she is about 12. Well, today she may be mentally 14 because I got a full dose of that Teenager Angry lashing out thing. I was driving her to school and asked her to leave the Arctic Down Parka in the car and take one of the smaller jackets because its 85 degrees outside!! Oh boy did that set her off!!I get it’s a security thing, but COME ON!!! I know she likes 1 of the 6 jackets I presented her with. She picked them out!! So all the way to school she argued, and somehow we got into how I never let her do anything (sleep and sit in her room with the door closed) and I am still unclear where it went after that. She stopped making sense but was still yelling and being very snarky!

Well, I had said the next time she let me have it, I would give it back, which I did. And she had a whole new level for me………………..sigh. So to school she goes, screaming and crying. NOPE, not doing this. I’m not leaving it like this.

The school has a drive through for drop off and pick up. I pulled into a parking space across the street, when set her off again!! But I got her out of the car and on the way across the street. She got inside the gate and bolted for her classroom. She got the full name treatment, and kept walking. At this point all the drop off chaperones are backing up and making sure I have a clear path. It seems I can very intimidating when angry. My daughter disappeared, and one of the others adults pretty much pushed the teacher towards me as the fled what was about to happen. Well the teacher was 1 of 3 people I wanted to talk to, so that worked out. I decided to give the girl a few minutes to chill while I talked to her teacher.

My daughter has been coming home very angry and in the morning she is confrontational. This has become the norm for last 2 months, since the teacher changed over. Ms. T is one of those inexperienced stoic and calm people that  smiles rarely. But her eyes give her away, especially to someone who can read an entire room upon entering. I’m very good at reading people. Her eyes were screaming with fear, and not of me, but of being called out on how she is not being effective. She is scared of these kids, and has taken the stance that they are being defiant teenagers, not autistic. Yeah that’s all kinds of wrong. I told her several of my daughters complaints, as well as some of mine. But I backed everything with 2-3 solutions. She has to find a connection with her, with all of the girls. She is at a major disadvantage right off. Ms T came in 3 months til the end of the school year, which for autistic kids that’s a major change and they don’t take change well. So it turns out my daughter is having anxiety about school, with a teacher that has anxiety about the kids and is being perceived and hateful and made of stone. Dear Lord its been 2 months and she hasn’t connected at all! BUT now she will be sending home daily reports like we used to get, which will give her the chance to work on break through moments and talk to me about any issues that may come up. BOUT TIME!!!

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