Steroids are NOT my Friend

So my sight is better. Not perfect but better. So I’m not worried about going blind right now. So, YAY to Steroids.

BUT I spent 2 nights at the ER and have holes in my arms so close together that you cant tell how many are actually there.

The 1st 3 are from the IV for the Steroids. And remember, the 1st one blew in my hand which is still painful. Then when I went to the ER the 1st time, the nurse went for a deep vein and now I have the Star Trek Emblem bruised into my arms. I guess we can say I bleed Trekkie!! The 1st visit was because I was shaking violently, dizzy, having pressure on my chest and couldn’t catch my breathe. I felt just wrong. I was weak and having trouble walking. My BP was 139/90 (I am normally 100/70) They did blood work and found that my Potassium was at 2.9 (normal 3.9-5.0) and my blood sugar was at 112 (normal 60-80, and I am Hypoglycemic so I’m always close to 60) A couple of other #s were low as well. They gave me some supplements and sent me home w/ Mom. I slept through Sunday.

Then Monday morning I went home but I started to feel bad again. I called work to let them know that I was still not doing well and to see what I needed to do from there. While I was on the phone I briefly blacked out and dropped my phone. And back to the ER. We sat in the waiting room for 3 hours and I started to feel a little better. THEN they took blood, again. I honestly have no idea how long we sat there before they put us in a room. My potassium was better, as well as my BP and Blood sugar. The other #s however where even farther off. So they sent me home again. I slept through the night, woke up and ate, then slept some more. Went to my GP today and he is keeping me home through Friday to recover. No one is positive, but it looks like I didn’t handle the steroids very well and they are lingering. Its gonna be a few days before I am normal again. I get tired very quickly.

I’m gonna sit on my butt and do some easy crafts and watch TV. Maybe work with some of my plants a bit.

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