Done with steroids

Day 3 was kind of ruff too. Nurse had to put the IV in my forearm, which was unpleasant. The worst part was I think she turned the IV up too high. Everything below the port hurt a lot and I had to keep rubbing it to get relief. When they came to disconnect me, the next nurse said “It cant have been an hour already!” it had been 40 minutes, so yeah it was up too high. My arm stayed sore, but the spot in my hand from the 1st port where the vein blew it still rigid and hurts. I have done the hot compress thing, which only helps for a few minutes. And this morning I woke up with a fever and shaking really bad. So I ate, took a tylenol, ran through the notes. Both things are on the bad watch list. I drank a whole bunch or gatorade and laid down. I slept like a rock until 1pm. The sheets are soaked, and I’m still shaky. But better. The eye is still blurry but a little better.  I definitely don’t feel well. I hope that 1st IV spot isn’t infected…….

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