IV Steroids Day 2

Today was to be the easy day. Go in, pull out the IV port, attach to the bag and sit for an hour and half. NOPE. When she tried to flush the IV port it REALLY hurt. I had to make her stop. She tried several times and it just hurt more each time. So she drew back and got a tiny bit of blood. Should have been more. You guessed it, Lost the vein. It collapsed in 2 places: The top of the port where it rests on my hand and just below the tube in the vein. She took it out and then we could see how swollen the vein had become, it was painfully rigid. I was pretty well freaked at that point. She patched my hand up and I started bawling. I had sense enough to have my adivan with me, so she stopped and gave me time to get that kicking. So then she decided I would not have a take home port. I will get stuck fresh every day.  But you know what? Id rather get stuck again then try and force a collapsed vein.

She decided on my good blood draw vein at the crook of my elbow. I explained to her about sticking it during an exhale, which she did in 1 shot. So now Im gimpy in my left hand AND my left elbow. Thankfully there is only 1 day left. Ruff day. Now back to work.

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