IV Steroids

And here I sit at the Infusion Center watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Its some steroid I can barely pronounce:Methylprednisolosone. Turns out, on top of my fear of needles, and Extreme fear of IVs, and stupidity of forgetting my Adivan, I am also a hard stick and a Roller. The 1st lady looked and looked, then went and got “The Go To IV starter.” She looked at my arms top and bottom, then my wrists and said “Sorry its going in your hand.” She got it first try though and worked me through my breathing to keep from jumping out of the chair. I will keep the port in my hand until we are finished with the treatment.

So here I sit, watching on my laptop, tasting what I can only describe as that taste you get when you 1st wake up with a bad sinus cold mixed with pennies. They are bringing me a coke to help with that.

I don’t know what I was expecting here but I was surprised when I walked in. Its a long room with those jack knife hospital chair all along one wall with curtains to separate them for privacy. Eat has a rolling table that is too short to go over the arms of the chair. And across the room are the nurses at a very long desk.

That’s all for now

Update: Its Pepsi not coke. Just as good.20170412_110413

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