Optic Neuritis

Its been a busy day. I now have a name for the super blurry right eye. Optic Neuritis. (Optic neuritis is a demyelinating inflammation of the optic nerve that often occurs in association with multiple sclerosis.)  So I will have 3 days of heavy IV steroids ahead of me shorty. The last time I was on steroids I puffed up and gained 15 lbs. She said, and I quote, “You will swell up and be Jazzed for a few days.”

Changed all my other meds except the Gilenya today, higher dose for migraine, a seizure med that tends to help with anxiety and a few other things. I’m just waiting for the phone call to tell me when. Of course I have had a TERRIBLE time with communication with my MS Specialist. She actually got mad at me today because nobody told me I was supposed to have had the steroid treatment already………I honestly wonder if anyone will actually call, or if I am going to have to be one of “Those” patients that called 3 times every day. BTW that doesn’t help with this doc. The track record there is we make progress every 6-8 months and then do the “Scramble” to get everything done in 1 day.

My daughter grew out of another pair of pointe shoes since november. She is 4’10” and just turned 18. there isn’t supposed to be any more growth, but maybe she is proving the Docs wrong. Thats a happy thought. She went with me to get my blood work and wanted to hold my hand as she knows I have pretty major fears of needles. She and the nurse sang 10 Little indians. It was weird. She just about collapsed the vein on the last tube. I think when she changed the tube it moved and it really hurt. We are checking my white count and general across the board metabolic Panel.

Then we had dance class. I was falling all over myself because my vertigo is acting up. I hope its better soon so I can get some good rehearsals in before recital in 5 weeks.

One thought on “Optic Neuritis

  1. Hi, I’m trying to catch up on your blog. But it may take me a while. When I read your post about your eyes I thought your description was familiar. Had optic neuritis twice. It’s horrible, I know I’ll find out soon. But hope you’ve got better quickly.

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