More adventure…….

Today was moving day, well to the other side of the park anyways. We got lightly buttoned up, packed all my plants in, stacked stuff on the car, loaded everyone in and the RV wouldn’t start…………..Thankfully she (Inara, yes I named my RV and I know I’m a nerd) has an aux start button that runs off the shore power battery, so we got moved over to the new site. But of course, right before we pulled in, something shattered in the bedroom….It was the Picture of me, my brother and my cousins when we were kids. The picture wasn’t damaged but the glass is still everywhere because we had to take a break. Got hooked up again but before turning main power on, I needed to start the engine 1 more time. I got her going and let her run for about 20 minutes. Sadly, that’s the last time I got her to start. Cant deal with it right now as its Sunday and everything is closed.

Oh and I almost forgot the part about where the surge protector is melted as well as a part of the shore power plug, for the 2nd time. What that means is we have an internal electrical issue and will be vacating the RV for up to a week to the dealership while they fix it. Thank you Warranty!!!

Im not sure we will have any energy to get out to the property to do any clear-cutting today. This has us all exhausted and snapping at each other. I think its time for lunch.

Update. The shore power Plug must be replaced. After a lot of research, it actually looks relatively simple. Cut the plug off, peel back the cord cover, strip the 3 wires inside and screw into place on the new plug. That is tomorrows adventure. It also looks like it may be caused by running the AC and the Microwave oven at the same time, drawing too much. Alas, today’s adventure is not over. I have 2 nails and 1 screw in the front drivers side tire of my car. Once it cools off a bit, Ill go out and Patch it up.

As for the RV not starting, that is still on the docket to be fixed. Ill be calling the dealership tomorrow after my DR Appointments. This is the 2nd time it has died like this and I cant figure out what is drawing power from the coach battery while connected to shore power. Last time I thought I had left the lights on, but this time I definitely didn’t.


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