And Rv things too

This week has been surprisingly good for my migraines and MS. The vertigo is kicking up, but that’s because the weather is having seizures. But the new Med seems to be doing well. My right eye is still very blurry. Ill see my Doc on Monday. I’m expecting lots of bloodwork.

My seedlings are suffering again, even with the Chamomile tea mix. I may loose the whole batch again. But on a happy note, I planted corn in the Parks Communal Garden. I manages 4 x 12 rows. I’m waiting for sprouts outside. Hopefully they will do better then the sprouts inside. I finally broke down and bought a Cherokee tomato start. sigh

Sunday we have to move the RV. The park is upgrading the last of the sights to have concrete porches so we will move to another site for a week. I am dreading moving all my plants, but buttoning up the RV should go quickly. We aren’t having to baton down near as much as if it was a road trip. That takes at least 2 hours because we have settled in so much.

Also Sunday we have to go out to the property and clear a 30 x 30 foot section to make sure the septic inspector can drill. I heard back from the Wetlands people, well sort of. He replied to ask for more information and advise that I high a wetlands consultant…….. My Budget is really shrinking and now there will be no shed for at least a year, maybe not even a fence.

OH and I forgot! The Jam I made apparently is making its rounds. Ive had 4 emails at work asking if I had any more of the caramel apple and the strawberry!! Well that is going to have to wait til I get a food mill. I am NOT doing that by hand again!


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