Worse then mine

I found out today a Very good friend was taken to the ICU this morning because when he woke, he couldn’t feel or use his legs. Completely gone from the waist down. I do know what that is like. I had no feeling at all in my left up to the waist and right up to the thigh when this Journey started. But I could move and still dance (although sloppily) He is much worse off then me, and I can only imagine how scary it was to wake up like that. So many hugs and healing energy his way. I hope to see him tomorrow. I did get an update, they are giving him high doses of steroids and he is now having tingling in his toes. They thought for sure it was spinal, but nothing has shown up in the scans so they are moving to the brain tomorrow. I have a sinking feeling with this because that sounds very familiar……I don’t want him to have something like mine, hes such a wonderful and active person. They are saying its some super rare disorder but they don’t have any definitive evidence nor any answers as to what will happen next. I remember floating along with no direction and more questions then could ever be answered.

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