More Side Effects

well its either a side effect or I have done something stupid. My ankles are swollen, particularly the right one. Although there is no “Documented” report of swollen ankles or feet, there are many blogs and Q & A online about it. So I cant say that it may be related to the new meds. I also cant say that I didn’t do something to my ankle. I was walking and side stepped just a little funny and felt a slight pop. Now I have been a dancer for a very long time. I have done terrible things to my feet and ankles. So I guess my pain tolerance is a little odd for my feet. I am the one who danced in competition with 3 stress fractures in 1 foot and an escalated stress fracture in the other. Athletic tape can do all kinds of things if applied correctly. So it is also possible that I broke another small bone in my foot…..again. So anti-inflammatory, ice, lots of water, and elevation. We shall see.

My book is still going slow. I am having trouble now because I am no longer gluten Free. I had originally gone on the Anti-inflammatory diet with the loss of gluten just in case it was aggravating my MS. Well I’m gonna tell you it has helped me immensely. I can use my legs, the pins and needles have gotten WAY better, and best of all I can dance again. Although not Irish Dance anymore, but Ballet gives me enough of a goal to make me happy. Over the past month I have slowly introduced gluten back in small doses. I saw no difference so now I can go back to making Artisan bread again. My family is thrilled. I make all the holiday meal Rolls. Yummmm.

In the mean time, I am shopping on because they have Red Delicious apple trees on sale and they can grow here!! I had always heard apples dont grow here, but then I also found that my favorite apples, Pink ladies, do well here and pollinate with Red Delicious!! I know I said I wouldn’t get any more fruit trees til we moved, but its a really great deal. And the sooner I get the trees going, the sooner we have apples 🙂

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