Moving forward with Land

Today, Me and my roommate went to the Health Dept to get the septic tank inspection underway finally. A lot of paperwork & a ton of measuring and redrawing, and now we have 2 flags for possible septic tank sights. This is where they test the area and tell me yes of no. MAN they want to know everything, like to the point of wanting me to predict the future!! But the land is in my name now, it has an assigned address and I have to clear an area out for 1 of the 2 test sights by April 17th when they come to drill. Then Ill get a yes or no and take the test results to a septic tank company to find out how much… I dislike having to spend money on something that is a Maybe. I also dislike that if I get a no, then I have to pay a second time to have another inspection. I REALLY dislike that when I FINALLY get a yes, I wont know how much it will be until I hire someone to install it………… I keep telling myself its worth it. Once I get all this stuff done I wont have to do anything like this again except for upkeep. We havn’t even gotten in to the water lines or power lines….. I’m expecting about $10K in expenses just to get moved over there. Thankfully I have the approval for the funds. I just pray that it is enough.

Once I find out what tank is required I may have a way to cut cost a lot. One of my new neighbor owns his own residential construction company and has offered to come dig the hole and install it (with extra help from me and friends) at cost plus trade for all the concrete that was illegally dumped on the property. He has a bulldozer, trenchers, and several other machines. (Wonder if he has a chipper shredder so I can use Mulch to drown out the weeks without chemicals) Its a win win except that I don’t trust anyone and don’t hold faith in favors until it is happening. You can say that I am negative in this aspect, but it comes from experience on several occasions.

At some point in the future I hope to have a carport for my RV, a shed and raised be gardens full of vegetables. But that is going to be a while. Even further in the future I want a greenhouse, an orchard full of fruit, a stand alone patio with benches, a stone fire oven and work tables for my many messy hobbies. And all that will be encircled with a Living Hedge privacy fence with a combination of Canadian Hemlock, Southern Cedar and Juniper (arbor day foundation is really cool. Amazing prices and excellent research for my areas best growing potential)  Yeah that will be a long while, but I have a vision.

In the mean time, I have a ton of insanely fast and dense growing vines (at least 5 varieties including cats paw and ironwood) overgrown everything and and so much debris and illegally dumped cement and such to deal with. I am not a fan of herbicides, but I’m telling you I don’t think setting it on fire would slow some of these vines down.

So that is all the updates for now. Tah!!

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