Seedlings and Jam

So I’m curious as to how you know seedlings are ready to be outside? The last batch stayed inside too long and developed root rot. The 2nd batch is doing MUCH better, and the 1st round of Bell Peppers finally came up, and strong too. I am using a solution of Chamomile Tea with a dash of cinnamon and 2 Tbsp peroxide to water then in a mister twice per day, more when its really hot. I took the seedling tray outside the last couple of days and set it under the picnic table so they would not get direct sun and burn. Seems to be working, I even have a couple sets of 2nd leaves forming on the melons, cotton and black cherry tomatoes!

About 2 months ago I ordered a slim grow light and it came in Finally. Wish I had had it before the 1st batch died. I bet it would have helped. Its really nice, it was about $20 on amazon. Ive never had an order take this long but its OK. I am also thinking about growing Melon seedlings for my co-workers for Earth Day next month. Work usually gives us seeds or a small tree or a seed disk. I think this will be better, and edible is a good thing.

The RV park that we are parked in has a Community Garden. Several people have planted things there and we are just starting the spring garden. I’m going to plant some of this corn finally. Its looking like it will be a while before I get a Garden moving on the new property, so I might as well enjoy things here and share. The Garden Planner from Mother Earth News is pretty cool. I have made several plans with it, but I really need to wait until I get out there. Fingers crossed for May!!


The Seedlings under the new grow light

And the Jam, well I took Carmel Apple, Blackberry and Strawberry to work today. My Co-workers are my test group. They tried all of the soaps I have made, and today they were almost fighting over Jam jars, particularly the Carmel Apple. I am proud of that one, I cooked it just the right amount of time and it Gelled even better then the strawberry. Think Im gonna starttrying the Pamona’s Pectin, the one that doesnt use sugar to gel. We shall see

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