Make it a Happy Day

Yesterday was rough, but I’m much better now. My new meds make me extremely tired, to the point of falling asleep sitting up, so I’m transitioning it to night time. I have noticed certain colors are more intense like bright reds and some blue colors. I’m also hungry a lot, but that could just be a blood sugar thing. I also noticed that my Psoriasis is not inflamed at all, and that it is sloughing. I can only guess that because it is also an autoimmune disorder that the MS meds are taking that on too. Cool!!

So after yesterday I decided today I would do something to make me smile. And that “Plink” sound always makes me giggle. I made Carmel Apple jam 🙂 It tastes more like an Ice Cream topping then jam. Also, I have decided that if I don’t get a food mill, I will not make this or anything that has to have pulp, skin or seeds removed again. I picked every piece of skin out of the cooked down apples by hand. Never again!! But it gelled perfectly and tastes great.

On the Homestead side, I looked into the county ordinance on fences….turns out I cant put a privacy fence up in the front yard, only a 4 foot picket or a chain link. OK so I’m going to plant some amazing hedges just behind that 4 foot picket. I am looking into the National Arbor Day foundation and they have some really great info. I think I will plant Canadian Hemlock (non poisonous) and maybe some Eastern Cedar. They grow fast, are very dense and look nice too. Great for Privacy Hedges.

Well that’s my day.

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