Rant Warning

Today was New Meds Day! Made it through with no issues or side effects except being tired for a bit. YAY!! A good Day, Or was it?

On the way out I called FMLA to find out why my leave pool had not refilled, since I have been on the same pool for 2 years. I get through pretty quick, which if you have ever had to call, you can be on hold for an hour or bounced around 12 times. I asked when my pool would renew and she tells me that I will get 24 hours back this week but none again until June…. June?? Why June? My current case is renewed in July. Here is where it gets weird. She says it is my Companies Policy that my leave pool is renewed based on the previous years usage and it only replenishes once I have passed the dates I used it the previous year. So, what she is telling me is because I wasn’t sick this time last year, I cant be sick this year. Well, does that mean I have to be sick next fall? And what happens if I don’t use leave at some point after it has replenished? She didn’t have an answer for that. So after a bit of research based on what she did tell me, it looks like my company policy is designed to take my leave bit by bit. I started with 500 hours and now I only have 480. If I don’t use that 480, I will loose some more. I get that they want employees to feel encouraged to get better and work more. But ummm MS doesn’t work that way. And we just had to change meds (which takes 6 months) because what I was on before wasn’t working, hence I was very sick this past fall and winter. I have no way of knowing what will work and for how long. How can I schedule that and when will they give me the cure to MS so I will be OK when they take my FMLA leave time away bit by bit?? I mean WHAT THE HECK!!! I have to be sick march 29, 30 and 31 so that I will have that leave for next year just in case and then I cant get sick again until June……………………So basicily what you are telling me is you want me to loose my job, loose my insurance, no longer be able to afford treatment, not be able to get a new job because of my MS and never be able to get insurance again because of a pre-existing condition…..So I’d Like my wheel chair to be green. Can I go ahead and get one before I get fired?? Cause I’m gonna need one and it will take 2 years to get disability, and by then I will have lost my home and my car so I will still need to get around………….

I am so frustrated and if I wasn’t a pissed off Redhead that is more stubborn then a mule with major control issues, I would give up and just let MS destroy me………………

Thank God for Red-Heads

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