Gilenya, here we come

…..Ummmm….. never read the warning label or side effects. That’s some terrifying reading. So basicly I am going to catch everything anyone around me has been exposed to because we are crippling my Immune System. And according to this, If I have ANY symptoms of ANY illness including but not limited to: Migraines, pain anywhere, or anything else under the blanket of MS, then I am to contact my Doctor. So what you’re telling me is, I need to fully embrace the role of Hypochondriac and accept that when my Doc sees my # on caller ID, she will probably put me to voice mail? Oh boy the Urgent Care Center is gonna know me by name…… No there is not a hint of fear here….. nope. Im good really!! I have to ask though, at what point did the treatment become as bad or worse then the illness?!?!?  Oh and it also says to pack a bag in case I need to be held overnight……

So yeah, dont read the warning label.

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