Blackberry Jam 2

Ok round 2 on the blackberry jam. I did one where you remove the seeds and use liquid pectin with lemon zest and sugar. The reviews were really good. Smells amazing, and the mess I made certainly tastes good as I have to lick it off my fingers and wipe down my laptop. Its in the pot right now with 10 minutes on the clock. My RV is very steamy lol. But um, I just have to put this out in the universe. I will NEVER de-seed by hand EVER AGAIN!!! My shoulders hurt and its 11pm. OMG what was I thinking???!!! But I am confident this will be the one and now I truly understand the need for a food mill or berry de-seeding sieve with a stand. Just suck it up and buy a good one.

And just think, this time next year I will have my own Cane fruit growing and can make it from beginning to end! Well, except the sugar and maybe Pectin. Also, I didnt have enough for the 4th jar to be full so I have a 1/2 jar for tomorrow. Biscuits!!!


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