Today’s Adventure

This morning was the preliminary EKG at the facility over an hour away. Had no problems, everything checked out as far as I am aware. It took longer to get me hooked up then it did to get the readings. Headed back home and grabbed my daughter and we headed to the local outlet mall (also an hour away) Since my weight is all over the map and i cant seem to choose a size, I had to get new work clothes (interview/funeral/whatever suit) 2 pairs of jeans and a few shirts. I am currently somewhere between a size 10 and 12. Not sure if I mentioned before but my weight flip flops drastically between 128 and 168 lbs. So yeah clothing is complicated. I really hate clothes shopping and it took us more then 2 hours to get all that done, I left frazzled a bit.

So on the way home, I notice traffic has really slowed down and no one is coming the other direction. Surely its an accident. As we get closer I realize the accident just happened, like within minutes! I told me daughter and best fried, “Sorry guys I have to stop.” I whipped off the road, threw open the hatchback and started tossing all the new clothes over the back seat out of my way so I could get my Med kit. Slapped on some gloves, walked right out into traffic and dared anyone to run me over while I was trying to get to my patient. It was a rear-ending and the back cars’ hood was crumpled severely. The other car, the young lady was out of her car on the phone, hopefully calling 911. I shouted to see if she was OK, she gave a thumbs Up.

My patient was a female, probably 40ish years old dressed in scrubs and she was clearly in pain but Alert and attentive. The airbag had deployed, probably saving her life, but her right foot was misshapen. I’m pretty sure its broken. I did a quick check on her, she was in pretty good shape, no spinal or neck injuries I could see. I would also guess she had a concussion. She was in a lot of pain from her foot so I braced her leg to relieve some pressure and get her to stop moving. If there were other injuries, I didn’t want to make them worse. The Police came and I let them know we needed a bus (ambulance) and that I had this patient in my care, but the other driver needed to get checked. She and I talked a little bit, I wanted to keep her focus on me. As long as she was talking and responsive, I could tell if anything worse was happening that I couldn’t see.

I heard sirens and looked up to see a fire engine. I told her “Hey the fire dept is almost here. I hope there are some cute firefighters in there!” She chuckled a little although she was hurting. The Firefighters came over, the TO came strait to me. “Hey Darlin,”  I gave him a rundown and he asked if I was OK where I was. I told him “Yeah, but can you stick your head into that red car with the hatchback up, and let my daughter know its gonna be a little while?” He said he would take over so we traded places and they took it from there.

Three things I realized today: One I miss my Firehouse and Helping people. Two, Every 1st Responder in the world, no matter what state, county, etc, We are all family and everyone is “Dear””Darlin” and “Hun”I have never met these guys before in my life and will probably never see them again, especially since I was way out of my district. And Three, MS may have taking me out of the Fire Dept, but it didn’t take the Fire Dept out of me. I still got it and it felt really good.



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