Busy Day

Today was supposed to be a simple easy day. Go out to the new property, spray the super briars and spread grass seed. Then home to chill, with some gardening in the eve. So we did the 1st, then went to Home Depot and I found a Pineapple sage plant and Lavender. Then we stopped at a Fro-Yo, hit to local bakery (they make this amazing pull apart bread) and on to an outlet store we had never been to. $160 later I have 3 folding tomato cages (normally $20) a hose nozzle, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 work shirts and socks, 4 soaker hoses for $5 (normally $25) a couple other things and a crazy gardening tool that is like a transformer as it can be folded 6 different ways. Happy Bday to Me 🙂

Then after it cooled off I still had plenty of time to do some planting.


Fruit Trees


Garlic from this Winter



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