Well they were sprouts…

So my sprouts were going so well that they were pushing the lid off of the seed starter tray, so I set them outside for a few hours. Note to self, dont take outside until after 2nd set of leaves grow. But 5 of them are still nice and strong, with roots coming out of the bottom, which I promtly re-potted. That’s 3 Galia Melons and 2 Red stem cotton plants (my daughter planted those lol) Will try and nurse the rest back to health. Truly hoping my over zealousness hasnt killed them. Sigh

But on a happy note, I enjoyed going somewhat nuts at home depot. I got all the new larger biodegradable pots to replant, I got a new Oregano (learned the hard way about letting it make pretty flowers to seed) and several other herbs for the kitchen, and I finally got my Meyer Lemon. Trying to hold off on the Fig tree because I am still restricted to pots, and they grow really fast. Once we get out to the new property, its game on for the orchard…..well as far as my budget can handle.

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