A new Book

Today I got a New Book and i cant put it down. The Complete Canning Guide.

the new book

Sage likes the book too

I have been reading about canning and slowly collecting supplies since Xmas, and this has sooooo many recipes in it. My room mate got me a pressure canner, which is probably the most expensive part of this new hobby of mine. Currently it lives in the Drivers seat of my RV because its too big to go anywhere else. Its really hard to have hobbies when you live in an RV because everything takes up space. I havn’t even seen my sewing machine in 6 or more months. Sigh.

BUT I finally decided what my 1st canning project will be, i think. I want to make jam. Not sure yet what kind, I guess it just depends on what is in season. I LOVE blueberry and blackberry jam but those wont be in season until June. I need to create a “Season” chart for all the fruits and veggies I want to do things with. But i realized something today while i finally made up my mind what to do first.

Now I need a Water Bath canner because that’s what the recipe says. I wonder what is so different besides the pressure to make things hotter? I cant help but wonder if I can use the pressure canner but without the pressure weights on the top. So at 920 PM, my daughter and I decided to hit Dollar General down the road to “just look around.” yeah right, I was looking for a water bath and I remembered having seen them there before. No luck though, all they had was jars and such. But I have jars now. 1 step closer. Well me and my Thin Mints are going to read some more and go to bed. Night!


Oh yeah, I forgot to say earlier. I now have 2 “Local Plum” trees (santa rosa plum) and my Peach trees arrived yesturday. I have a new favorite plant shop online Gurneys.com They have great selection plus everything I have gotten so far is really good. Im dying to get some thornless blackberries and some strawberries. They have so much to choose from!!

5 thoughts on “A new Book

  1. A water bath canner is just a pot that will hold enough boiling water to cover the canning jars with a couple of inches to spare. A pressure canner with the lid left off works just fine as a water bath canner.

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  2. Using the lid is a good idea as it cuts down on the energy needed to keep the water boiling, but when water bath canning, leave the lid loose so no pressure can build up.

    BTW, a pressure canner makes a perfect pressure cooker….even if it is sometimes bigger than needed.

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    • Have you ever tried a steam canner? I keep hearing that they cut down on energy and water use. But they tend to run dry after about 45 minutes. All the review I see are love it or hate it.


      • Are you talking about an atmospheric steam canner? I’ve never tried one.

        The consensus from the high power food safety laboratory folks is that they can be used ONLY in place of a boiling water canner and MUST NOT replace a pressure canner.


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